Lux festival of lights.
Long exposure photos from the waterfront of Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington lux night light festival on the waterfront August 2014

Bailey - Recycled street fashion photoshoot.

Styling, hair and makeup by Ivy Mae Styling

Images and processing by Von photography

Tale of two mountains

Ruapehu, the beautiful maid, was married to Taranaki. One day, while her husband was away hunting, she was wooed and won by Tongariro. When Taranaki returned at the end of the day he surprised the guilty pair. A titanic battle ensued in which Taranaki was defeated. He retreated towards the west coast, carving out the course of the Wanganui River as he went. When he reached the coast he moved northwards to the western extremity of the North Island, where he rested.

- Maori folklore 

Stars light, stars bright. First million stars I see tonight…

How Smartphones Have Changed the Way We Experience Photography

Smartphones have not only changed the way we make photos, but also the meaning and purpose of photography itself, an exhibition at the Center for Photography at Woodstock shows

A small handful of snaps from a recent trip to Hawaii. Waikiki skyline from the Diamond Head lookout at the top right with the pink palace, the Royal Hawaiian hotel in the top left.
The lava lake in the Kilauea volcanic crater glowing reflected in the clouds above after sunset (known locally as the Glow Show) at lower left.
The waterfront at Kona on the big Island at dawn is at bottom right

A short walk along the river bank in Ohakune, the ski town at the foot of Mount Ruapehu in the central north island of New Zealand.

Turoa - Blue dome day